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From the Desk of the Interim Senior Pastor

Greetings, again, from your new interim pastor. It is my pleasure being with you! You know, near the end of the fifth chapter in First Thessalonians, St. Paul encourages his readers to “pray without ceasing.” As Christians we are called to lives of discipleship as we serve as students or learners of Jesus Christ. The discipleship life brings with it obedience, sacrifice, and the cross bearing we often talk about from the pulpit; and yet there cannot be a more wonderful undertaking than serving as our Lord’s disciples. Certainly, praying undergirds all of this. As a Christian people we are called and blessed to be in an ongoing relationship with God in which communication through prayer is vitally important. We note the importance of prayer being stressed throughout the Bible and in the church’s tradition.

A fine commitment that I would encourage all to consider making is maintaining, enhancing, or starting a regular devotional life. The two central components of a devotional life are praying and reading the scriptures. I encourage you to consider doing devotions on a daily, or near daily, basis with the exception being the days when you are here for worship services. It is my hope and prayer as we, through the power of the Spirit, grow our devotional lives and pray regularly and spontaneously, that we will be better grounded in Christ and eager to give of our time, talents, and treasures for the spread of God’s work in the world. Doing so just may greatly enhance the ministry and mission of the church as we work together to the glory of God and in the name of Jesus. Also, problems and challenges that we face at home, school, or in the workplace will be better handled as we prayerfully approach life from an ever-growing Christ centered focus.

In way of encouraging a prayer and a devotional life for Advent members and friends, starting this November 8 I will be leading a special devotion service each Wednesday from 12:15pm to 12:35pm in the Faithful Followers room on the ground floor of the church building. During this time we will pray, read scripture, and enjoy a devotional experience together. It is hoped that this mid-week prayer break will give us an opportunity to thank God for blessings received thus far in the week, and the chance to pray for God’s guidance and grace throughout the remainder of the week. Another advantage of doing this together is that participants will learn a model for doing daily devotions, either individually or with one’s family. Simply come as you are from home or work and enjoy some quality spiritual time in the company of your fellow Christians. All are welcome!

Pastor Dan